Get this party started: Halloween costume inspired prints.

Get this party started: Halloween costume inspired prints.

24th Oct 2023

Halloween is nearly here and we are looking for inspiration in everything! If you are trying to find a last minute costume then we may have just the thing you!

We are running through some of the classic pop culture costumes that never fail to impress over halloween and the perfect print to match!


Kicking off the Halloween costume inspo with the most notable icon - Satan. The image of the devil is deeply ingrained in popular culture, thanks to centuries of mythology, religious texts, and art. It's instantly recognisable, making it a great choice for a costume that others can identify easily.

OMG Satan

The Devil Tarot


Similar to the Devil, witches embody all things supernatural and scary making them a classic Halloween costume. Witches have a rich history in folklore and mythology across different cultures. This historical significance adds depth and intrigue to the costume choice.

Witchy and Wonderful


Looking for a couples costume? Why not go as the trusty witches best friend, a black cat! Cat costumes are often simple and easy to put together as well. A basic cat costume usually includes cat ears, a tail, and some face makeup. This simplicity makes it an accessible option for people of all ages and skill levels.

Street Cats

Lantern Neon Cat


Skeleton costumes are a popular and classic choice for Halloween, and they have several qualities that make them a great costume option: For one, skeletons are iconic symbols of Halloween. They represent death, the macabre, and the supernatural, which are themes commonly associated with the holiday.

Fairy Skull Lover

Pop Culture/Film

Going as your favourite Pop Culture icon can make for a very fun and personalised Halloween costume. Many film icons are associated with beloved movies that have left a lasting impact on popular culture. Dressing up as a character from one of these iconic films can evoke feelings of nostalgia and nostalgia for both you and those who recognise the character.

Mrs. Mia Wallace


Star Wars

Music Lovers

For similar reasons to Pop Culture icons, going as your favourite singer/musician can be a great way to celebrate Halloween. Creating a costume based on a music icon often involves expressing creativity and attention to detail. It can be an exciting DIY project, from selecting the perfect outfit and accessories to mastering the iconic hairstyle and makeup.

Music icon costumes can also be part of a larger group or couple costume theme. You and your friends or family members can coordinate costumes based on musicians or bands from the same era or genre.


Freddie Mercury

Joni Mitchell


For those more comically inclined going as your favourite food can be a funny angle to take. Food-related costumes are often unique and unexpected, standing out in a sea of more traditional costumes. They can be a great conversation starter and are likely to make people smile.



Chilli Pepper