This print is one of our fantastic limited editions which are made in the artist's studio. These are dispatched from our London shop and will arrive separately to digital prints in your order. For framing options you can visit our Brick Lane shop for our Bespoke Framing Service or buy our Just A Frame product for editions which come in a standard size.

In late 2015, Astéronyme discovered the Manhole Covers – also called Coalhole Covers – an unknown precious piece of art of Brick Lane. Made of melt and iron, those unique ornaments symbolize the transition from the outside to the inside, a mere innovation to read the street throughout the path of an artistic discovery. 

Astéronyme has registered and redrawn the manhole covers, before making his own art out of them. Using several techniques (drawing, painting, graphic design), he found a way to revitalise the history of industrial and Victorian era, carried out by each covers specifically.


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