All things retro typography: An Interview with our new Artist Magnus Myhre.

All things retro typography: An Interview with our new Artist Magnus Myhre.

15th Jan 2024

We are thrilled to announce our latest addition to our team of artists -  Magnus Myhre

Magnus's beautiful  typography designs are perfect for this season and we are confident that you will find his work truly inspiring. We had the pleasure of interviewing Magnus and getting to know him better. We hope you enjoy his art and find it just as motivational as we do!

Magnus is a Danish designer and illustrator based in Copenhagen where he creates his positive and quirky designs. He finds his inspiration in the fun and roughness of old school retro illustration. We love the  retro art style and uplifting messages that Magnus utilises in his art prints and have a feeling you might too!

Can you tell us a bit about how you got into the Arts?

Since I was old enough to hold a pencil, creating, drawing, and designing has been ingrained passions that have stayed with me throughout my life. Now, I'm living out my artistic passion in full force. By day, I channel my creativity as a digital designer, and by night, I immerse myself as an illustrator and artist.

Can you tell us a bit about your Art style and what inspires it/you?

Conceptually I find inspiration in many places. Music, culture, friends and family. Visually I find a lot of inspiration in the character and emotion you see in old school rubber hose illustrations.

Your work is full of positivity, how do you hope people feel in response to your work? Do you feel that Art holds a lot of responsibility for encouraging positivity in people?

Yes for sure! One of the main goals is to inspire people to prioritise positivity, health and well-being. I found a good way to do that is to give people something fun, positive and vibrant to look at in their homes.

What's your general process when it comes to making Art? From getting an idea to materialising it.

I always try to maintain a big collection of screenshots and photos on my phone, to spark my creativity in unique ways. To distill these ideas, I curate a handful and assemble them into a mood-board. From there, I begin sketching – sometimes on my iPad, other times with a trusty pen and paper.

Once I've found a concept I like, I take a photo and transfer it to my computer to refine the details. Cleaning everything up and getting the composition right is the next step. I’ll experiment with text placement and the overall arrangement.

To add more depth and character to my designs, I purposely introduce a touch of imperfection. I roughen edges, distort lines, mimic ink bleeding, aiming to make the final piece appear 'less perfect’.

Have you got a favourite piece of work you have made?

Hard to pick one to be honest. But at the moment I really enjoy the colourful nature of the flowers in the “ Let’s Bloom Together” piece.

Have you got any exciting projects in the works?

Yes. I’m always working on fresh new designs. That really excites me!

Our faves from Magnus

Sunny Side Up

If It's Nice Play It Twice

Take Time To Unplug