Artist Highlight: HollieGraphik

Artist Highlight: HollieGraphik

Posted by East End Prints on 19th May 2021

We are loving the bold typography and punchy song lyrics used to inspire artist HollieGraphik's design process. If you are looking for a striking new art print then HollieGraphik is the artist for you. This week we talked about all things music and finding inspiration in the everyday... 

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Let’s start off with a little bit about your background. Where are you from originally?

I am from Warrington, in-between Manchester and Liverpool. A little, shall we say, gem in the North West haha. I now live in Sale in Greater Manchester but moving soon, staying close still though!

What is a typical day in the life of HollieGraphik?

I work a pretty full on job 9-5.30 (and then some) at Missguided, then I’ll pack up customers’ orders, prepare social graphics and work on any prints for my launches most nights until the early hours. It’s none stop at the weekend too, with a little downtime on a Sunday. Not going to lie I do live a very full on schedule at the minute!

When and how did you become interested in illustration and design?

I started out as a Photographer but always had a penchant for design. They just go hand in hand really. I did graphics at A Level but it kind of became a thing at my first ‘real’ job where I was creating banners and artworking a lot. I’m self-taught in Photoshop and Illustrator so I guess it just came natural to me! I was spending more and more time playing with fonts and editorial designs using the images I took so it just went from there…

What are some of the thoughts that fuel the direction of your current work?

I’m constantly thinking about new lyrics to try as a print and I’ll mock-up layouts in my head all the time (it’s definitely a designer thing!). I’ve found I come up with really strong ideas and colour palettes when I get into bed ready to sleep, so I’ll quickly scramble to my notes on my phone to get all the ideas down! I’m so heavily inspired by the lyrics I choose to work with, too. The colour palettes and style usually reflect the songs vibe.

What are your passions outside of the studio?

I love discovering new music and going to gigs, pre-Covid I’d go to a couple of gigs a month. So, I think I was channelling all that unused energy into my designs! I still love taking photographs, albeit mostly on my iPhone these days. I love the process of editing photographs; I even get to do this at my day job! I’ve recently got into walking and hiking too. Love me a mountain (or hill ha!)

What's your earliest memory related to art? First museum visit or first artwork that really caused an impact in you?

I remember seeing some Martin Parr work at a gallery and really loving his style of photography which definitely got me into being a Creative. Seeing David Shrigley in a gallery too before he was massive. Love his style - so thought provoking yet funny!

Where did you go to school and what did you study?

I went to Carmel College where I did Art Foundation, which is where it all began really. I then went to Manchester Met studying Photography.

We can see that you also work for Missguided as a Graphics Manager. What is your favourite thing about working for one of the UK’s most forward-thinking fashion brands?

I’ve been at Missguided for 7 years and have shaped the brands aesthetic and graphical output since then. It’s been an amazing journey and have been lucky to be a part of all the campaigns since 2014, whether it be direction or creating graphical treatments for them. With that said, working on the most amazing campaigns with a great team is definitely the highlight! I love how much we believe in inclusivity and I do believe the things we have done have paved the way for all the other brands to follow suit (but we were definitely the trailblazers haha!) 

I also worked on our Beauty campaign for Superdrug, which is in stores now, in which I designed all the packaging and names for each product. Such a fun project to see through to live - seeing it all in stores is a pinch me moment. Even 7 years down the line I still get excited about seeing things launch - such an honour to be able to work for a brand like Missguided.

We love how your prints are inspired by music! Which one of your prints is your favourite and why?

Such a tough one, it changes all the time! Supersonic was one of my first prints I was so happy with and sold one within minutes of it being online. Became an instant bestseller and customer favourite. One of my new favourites is The Whole of The Moon (The Waterboys), love the dark colours and retro type… and it’s such good tune too!

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects for 2021?

I’m branching out onto other products which is really exciting for me, I just want them in my hands now! They’re in the early stages of development at the moment. I’m also looking at doing some Christmas Cards and work that isn’t predominantly music related, so watch this space! It’s just finding the time to do them in my hectic schedule!

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

This is a cliché answer, but I find inspiration everywhere. I can be out and about, and I’ll see a colour combination from things in nature or even a shop sign and I’ll be inspired! I really tend to keep everything organic and unique, so I’ll just play around with tons of fonts and layouts until it feels so authentically me. I think my work speaks for itself - I have found my niche and style!

Brightside   Lemons Hollie Graphik

Left: Brightside Right: Lemons both by HollieGraphik

Quick Fire Questions:

The best album ever made to your knowledge?

TOUGH ONE! I don’t have a favourite album as such, but Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not really defined an era for me… then again, I really love Metric’s Live It Out. Both are them are ‘no skip’ albums!

Cats or Dogs?

SO hard but I’m obsessed with my cat Dill Pickles so has to be cats.

Name three songs currently on heavy rotation in your studio when it is time to get to work?

Declan McKenna - Be An Astronaut, The Snuts - Glasgow, Churches - He Said She Said

What is your go to holiday destination?

Mexico for long haul but the Algarve has a special place in my heart - the beaches though!

What is that song that you just can't get out of your head?

I’ve been yearning for some nostalgia, so I’ve gone back to my first love The Thrills. So, it’s Don’t Steal Our Sun atm!

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