How to Frame and Hang Wall Art

How to Frame and Hang Wall Art

13th Feb 2024


Select the right Frame:

Before choosing your  frame be sure to consider your art print and existing interior decor. Pick a colour and material that will match the existing aesthetic.

Measure your Artwork:

Ensuring that your artwork is framed correctly is crucial to creating a striking display. By measuring your artwork accurately, you can guarantee that the frame will fit perfectly. Taking the time to do this will not only enhance the presentation of your artwork but also protect it from damage caused by an ill-fitting frame. Don't risk a subpar display - make sure to measure your artwork before selecting a frame.

Assemble and seal the Frame:

Framing your art prints can be a breeze with these simple steps! Firstly, ensure that the glass is sparkling clean before placing the print into the frame. To prevent your print from getting damaged, you can use framers tape to seal the edges of the frame after securing the backing. This way, you'll be able to protect your artwork from dust and other potential hazards. 

Hanging Your Art Prints

Select the Space:

Choosing the perfect spot to hang your Framed Art Print is essential to make it stand out and complement your decor. Whether you want to make a bold statement on an empty wall or fill a gap in your gallery wall, envisioning the space and measuring it properly can make all the difference. So, take some time to determine the best wall and space for your art and bring your vision to life.

Find the Centre of your wall:

Hang your framed art print like a pro! To achieve a stunning result, you need to find the centre point of your wall first. Simply measure the width of the wall and locate the middle number. This is where you should hang your framed art print. And don't forget to ensure that the centre of the framed art print is approximately at eye level to achieve a perfect balance. 

Measure, Mark, Hang:

Place a strip of masking tape across the back of the frame - covering the fixture - and use another piece of tape to join it over the fixture from the centre of the frame's top. Mark the top and side edges and the fixture location with a sharpie, and use these markings to hang your print perfectly. Align the centre dot with the middle of your wall and the top line with where you want the frame to sit, and drill a hole in the exact centre. With this guide, you'll have your print up in no time!

Level the Artwork:

Achieving a perfect gallery wall requires attention to detail. Once you've hung all your frames, take the extra step to use a spirit level to ensure your Art Prints are straight. This simple task is crucial to the overall result of your display, as it guarantees that all pieces are level. Don't settle for a mediocre gallery wall, take the time to make it exceptional!