Say it With Songs: Unique Art Prints for Music Lovers

Say it With Songs: Unique Art Prints for Music Lovers

5th Feb 2024

Say it With Songs create show-stopping, unique art prints perfect for the music lovers out there. Their trend-setting designs include QR codes that transport you straight to your favourite song in just a click. These gorgeous designs make the perfect Valentine's gift for anyone who wants to say it with songs. 

We had the chance to dig a bit deeper into who Say It With Songs are and how they got started. 

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

My Name is Ellie, I live in Margate with my huge dog Cherry. With a 20 year 'past life' in the music industry but a huge fan all all things music, Say it with Songs is a brand that celebrates peoples passion for music .

How did you come up with the idea for 'Say it with Songs'?

Say it was Songs was a concept dreamt up in lockdown 2020. When face to face was impossible and human connection was hugely important , the idea was founded as a way to connect people through music. We all have a song that takes us back to a time, a place, a person or a moment in seconds..whether it's a ballad, a dance floor classic, a heavy rock anthem or a pop cheese guilty pleasure . Whilst in a shop browsing for a Valentines Card for my husband, our wedding song came on the radio - and this was exactly what I wanted to say to him, the lyrics and the song, took me right back and so the idea was born. Simply scanning the design with a smartphone allows the song to play instantly - making your walls sing!

What is your favourite design that you have created?

In prints - My favourite design has to be 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' print. Its simple, nice font and very pink. In our notebook collection, it would be our 'Don't stop Believin' version, bringing a a motivational song every day to each page. In our card collection it's easily 'Never gonna give you up' as everyone loves a bit of Rick right ?

Can you tell us a bit about your process with creating?

Curation is key, there are so many amazing songs out there - so once we have identified songs that work worldwide and are loved by our demographic, we look at Pantone trends, and printing techniques to really make our designs stand out. It's easily my favourite bit of the brand process. We then create samples, test the designs with focus groups in store and then finally send to print. We are a very collaborative small team.

What impact do you want your designs to have on people?

As Hans Christian Anderson put it; 'Where words fail, music speaks'. Music hugely impacts people, it's a universal language that we all understand. I want my prints hung in kitchens to encourage kitchen discos or sent to friends to remind them of great times whenever they look at the prints. The fact that the prints play music is the real secret that people will love, bringing art to life.

Have you got any exciting upcoming projects?

I'm delighted to say that I have...... We have just licensed the brand Worldwide so you can expect to see our designs across a wide array of products from mid 2024.

What's your favourite song?

Hardest question in the World - I have so many...but I would say 'As' by Stevie Wonder. My wedding song.