Trending Colours in Home Decor: Spring 2024

Trending Colours in Home Decor: Spring 2024

22nd Apr 2024

Are you struggling with picking your home decor colour palette? As spring blooms, breathe life into your space and rejuvenate your walls with a new, trending colour palette. From calming pastels to bright and striking reds, discover how these trending colours can transform your home decor.

Peach Fuzz 

Peachy Keen by Julia Walck Cantaloupe Bae by Lemon Fee

Earlier this year, Pantone named 'Peach Fuzz' the colour of 2024. So, it comes as no surprise that peach is all the rage in home decor. Peach fuzz embodies community, compassion and is full of warmth. The soft and inviting hues evoke feelings of kindness, joy, and renewal, creating the perfect relaxing vibe. 'Peach Fuzz' exudes rejuvenating energy and brightens any space, making it a staple trend in home decor.


Summertime by Ani Vidotto Poppies Garden by Kartika Paramita

Green home decor embodies the beauty of nature and promotes feelings of balance. Adorning your walls with Green prints and hues creates a calming and harmonious atmosphere, making your spaces feel more inviting and rejuvenating. By incorporating green into your space, you can feel more connected to nature encouraging relaxation. The chill vibe is what makes green the perfect Spring decor trend.


Copenhagen Flower Market

Another trending colour in home decor this Spring is pink. Pink represents all things love and playfulness creating the perfect, rejuvenating environment. From soft blushes to vibrant corals, pink hues breathe life into any space; this variety of shades can help you create different atmospheres for your decor. From calm and serene to vibrant and energetic, pink prints give you the power to create your perfect space.

Pastel Colours

Cheers by SimplyExtraJordanary  Waking Up Warm by Kubistika

Evoke feelings of renewal, freshness, and warmth by incorporating pastel prints and colours into your home decor. Embracing these soft hues brings a sense of tranquillity and serenity to your living spaces, creating a light and calming vibe. The softness of pastel prints means they effortlessly complement existing decor, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Pastel colours emote rejuvenation and are a timeless choice for creating a cheerful space, proving why they are a 2024 home decor trend.


The Power of Love by Say it With Songs Thieves Like Us - New Order by Indieprints

'The Unexpected Red Theory' is trending heavily in home decor right now; adding a pop of red to your walls infuses your space with energy, passion, and warmth. Incorporating a splash of red into your space can add depth and create dynamic and striking contrasts. This unexpected pop of colour will revitalise and transform any space which is why it is the perfect home decor trend.